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Who is Your Reader?

I use tarot and oracle cards as an aid to visualizing my intuition. I am mostly clairsentient, so I feel much more than any other of the clairs. However, the more I hone in on my sense, the other clairs continue to develop.

Another way that I connect to the Divine is while I sleep. My dreams are extremely vivid and I receive messages and downloads through them. It's a gamble on whether or not I wake up rejuvenated or exhausted.

My spiritual journey started as a child when I went to religious classes. I never really fully resonated with what I was being taught and although I am technically a Roman Catholic, I truly feel as a spiritualist and believe in the Universe and the collective consciousness.

At 13, I purchased my first tarot deck by walking into an underground bookstore with a 'New Age' section in SoHo, Manhattan, and picking the deck that I was most drawn to. I was intrigued by tarot cards in the first place because I have a vague memory of my mom giving me a tarot reading when I was a little girl during a Thanksgiving get together- it was fascinating.

In addition to tarot, I am an astrology enthusiast. Whenever I experienced inner conflict regarding the intangibility of intuition and the clairs, astrology provided me with the semblance of scientific data. Natal charts are the planetary fingerprints and blueprints of our lives and serve as a strong tool to help us understand our highest potential. I love synastry charts and relocational astrology (astrocartography) the most.

I have always been incredibly curious about the meaning of life and the magic of it all. Part of my life purpose is to offer my gift to others in search for something beyond themselves- whether they are a skeptic or not.

With my Sun sign in Cancer (ruled by the Moon) and my Ascendant in Leo (ruled by the Sun), my love for and connection to the Sun and Moon might have been inevitable. When I am tapping into my Higher Self, Spirit, the Universe, and more, I refer to myself as Luna Soleil- an alter ego, almost.

My life has been filled with much introspection and reflection. I have profound memories of deeply contemplating out of the window as a little girl and always looking for meaning to things beyond what I saw and always feeling more than what I understood. Going within, like the hermit, has led me to be in tune with the Universe, the Divine, Spirit, whatever you want to call Source, God, etc.

Hence, the creation of NovaLune444. My mission is to spread self-awareness, peace, healing, clarity, and purpose.

I love you all!

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