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Meet My Astro Twin

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Fabiola was born with an identical natal chart 

with minor degree differences, here and there.

Astrology brought us together

and she's excellent at it!

A natal chart is like a screen shot of the sky exactly when you are born

at the time you take your first breath on Earth.


We are given a map that represents our astrological DNA-

which can be decoded.

Based on this individual and unique chart,

it can interpret how each planet's position play out in your life

and how your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs and placements are important.

Natal Chart Report

(7 pages)

natal chart poster v3.jpg

Your Natal Chart Report is written by me,

your Astro Goddess Fabiola.

In a minimum of a 7-page written report,

I will analyze how your past, present and future are connected,

but most importantly, what you can do to evolve and transcend

in this magnificent journey we call life.

After your purchase, paid via Paypal.

your requested Natal Chart Report

will be sent directly to your email

within 3 to 4 business days.

Contact me via email at

or Instagram, @astrogoddessfabiola.

Refunds not accepted.


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