Do you accept donations?

Tips and donations are accepted through the following platforms:

VenmoCash AppPaypal, and Zelle (

Do you need information for readings?

When requesting a reading it's useful to know the relationship status and zodiac signs. Other useful information would be birth dates and initials. I don't need these details unless you are requesting an astrological reading, then I'd need birthdate, birth location, and EXACT birth time.

If a third party is lingering in your energy, they may infiltrate when it comes to requesting a reading about a current/new person.

Any information you choose to share is helpful, but not required for a tarot reading.

What can I expect my readings to look like?

Your reading is delivered via email. Please expect that the reading is only to be done AFTER I have received your payment and may take up to 6 weeks to deliver.

Please be mindful that energies I pick up on can be vice versa, interchangeable, or the opposite. Use your discernment to assign the energies where they belong, if need be.

How will I get my reading?

I deliver my readings via the email your provided me with.

I will not do video chat or phone calls.

Can I share my reading with other people?

Yes, absolutely! Do with your readings as you please!

Unless I am doing your reading on Live, I keep readings private and treat them like a therapy session. It’s important that I build a rapport with my clients.



FYI, be mindful who you share your readings with. Sometimes the energy of others can tamper with your manifestations or outcomes, especially if they are skeptical, jealous, are negatively thinking, etc.

How are you able to read tarot?

Check out the About page to read a bit about my spiritual journey and my abilities.

Do you accept refunds?

No. There is no way to undo or retract a reading once the service has been provided. Therefore, refunds are not accepted.

There are only THREE instances in which I return a payment:

1) I will return your payment if I decline your reading request.

2) If my boundaries are being crossed where I am being approached with great urgency, desperation, and impatience in regards to a reading, I will not hesitate to return funds after processing fees and refuse my services. In addition, Divine Timing is always at play and sometimes I do not feel it is time for your answers to be channeled.

Remember that your energy was drawn to mine for a reason. Please respect that mediumship is energy work and time alone, self-care, days off, etc are required for me to recharge.

3) I did not do your reading.


**Processing fees are not returned

Disclaimer (for legal purposes)

This is for entertainment purposes, and you choose your fate. Free Will is always at work because you make your own decisions. Remember, using Free Will, you have the power to shape your present and future. You decide to follow any pieces of advice or change the outcome of reported predictions, consciously and subconsciously. It is all up to you. These services are not to be used in place of any professional, medical, financial, or legal counseling.


Upon purchasing a reading at NovaLune444, you are agreeing and understanding that NovaLune444 is not an Attorney or Medical Expert. NovaLune444 cannot give actual Legal advice or a Medical diagnosis. NovaLune444 will not be and is not responsible for any actions you take as a result of services from NovaLune444. Your consultation is subject to your interpretation.

Purchasing services from NovaLune444 denotes your compliance and agreement with this Disclaimer.